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Thrifty Thursdays #6 – How To Save Money

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to read. And because I read so much, I would certainly go broke if I purchased every book I read. This is why I love my local library. Utilizing your local library is definitely a thrifty thing to do. You can check out books, music and movies, all for free!

The Milwaukee County Federated Library system has a phenomenal app for the iPhone, which allows me to plug in a title as soon as I hear about a great book. Whenever I read a review of a book that sounds interesting, or a friend or a speaker recommends a book that I want to read, I open the app and enter the title. If it is not available at my local library, I can order it right on the app and have it delivered to my neighborhood library.

I can even renew my book if I am not finished with the it by the time it is due right on the app, plus I can order music and movies on the app too, in addition to being able to directly download eBooks and audiobooks from it.

And did you know that in addition to music, books, and movies, the library has so many other resources. They include:

Free wireless internet and computer access

On-site copier that allows you to scan items in to a USB at no charge

Online interactive courses for personal enrichment and professional development – free academic & career resources for students and adults

Free access to local papers, national magazines and to the New York Times

ValueLine and Morningstar Investment Research Centers (online info on stocks, mutual funds, and financial news).

Online language instruction with a conversational focus for over 70 languages

Take advantage of all your local library has to offer, and download their app if they have one. Stop buying books, magazines and movies and start checking them out for free instead!