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Beth loves where she lives and believes in Giving Back to her Community. She sponsors numerous community events, including the Tosa All-City Read, the Wauwatosa Library Leadership Luncheon, and is the originator and main sponsor of Prosit Tosa. Beth also supports the local high school theater groups and local sports teams, and volunteers for many events and serves on local boards.

Here are just a few examples of her involvement and local sponsorships.

Prosit Tosa – an Oktoberfest Themed Fundraiser
Beth is the originator and the Platinum sponsor of Prosit Tosa, an Oktoberfest themed fundraiser for the Wauwatosa Historical Society. Read More
Wauwatosa Library Leadership Luncheon Sponsor
Beth Jaworski is a 9 time Wauwatosa Library Leadership Luncheon Sponsor Read More
Wauwatosa “Gardening Angel”
Beth has been Wauwatosa's "Gardening Angel" since 2004. Take a look below to see her works: Before & after pictures of the garden bed on 117th & North Avenue that Beth pl... Read More
3x Hoyt Park Pool Member Night Luau Party Originator & Sponsor
Beth is a 3x Hoyt Park Pool Member Night Luau Party Originator & Sponsor. Take a look at the photos below: Read More